Born in San Francisco in 1973.
Lives in Tokyo from the age of six.
Graduated from the Yokohama National University Faculty of Engineering Architecture Course.
Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School Department of Architecture dropped out.
In 1997, he worked as a dismantler and carpenter to establish Atelier Hiroshi Fuwa and was in charge of design and construction.
In 2008, he established Hiroshi Fuwa Class 1 Architect Office.
In 2017, established Ryuge First Class Architects Office.
Beginning with designs based on polite manufacturing that values materials, based on experience that was truly felt in the spirit of mind and body during the demolition work, carpentry era, and design construction era.
In 2008, he studied under Higaki M iyanushi and clarified the viewpoints of rituals (land ceremony, standing pillar festival, upper wing festival, inauguration festival) on land and houses.
In 2013, he designed houses focusing on traditional wooden techniques inherited by carpenters in Japan.
In 2018, she began to demonstrate the design sense of the landscape design by knowing the materials and the site in the design of the annex of Eiki Danzuka, a landscape architect.